martedì 10 maggio 2011


The Bloggers of Black Mamba is involved in the "Gebet project"
I put the prayer and made this dressing gown.
This dressing gown is free. However, this is not a mere free item.
I think that I wants you to donate in RL(real money) a fund when you like this dress even a little.
It might be small power one by one. However, if it’s consolidated, it's changes into big power.
Your geniality becomes everyone's power.
Lita and Leleny thanks to the initiative of Schön / Say A Little Thin
[Teleport for the dress]

Hair: *Plume* - curl hair
Jewelry: Mandala - milky way/ bracelet - milky way necklace&earrings/polly white

Model: Lita Menges
Photo & Edit: Lita Menges

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