venerdì 24 dicembre 2010


N1CO - Mini Knit Dress/Jacket
Sexy black knit mini dress with sculpted fur collar attachment. Sculpted sleeves and prim skirt attachment on pelvis.

Model: Noreia Owen
Photo & Edit: Emil Praga

giovedì 23 dicembre 2010


Mayura : our dark tanned skin with half shaven hairbase. She comes in 15 different make ups, each one delivered with 12 piercing tattoo layers and a free hair attachment that matches the hairbase.

Keeshya : our pale brunette. She comes in 4 liptone options, each one with 2 hairbase versions, 14 piercing tattoo layers and a free hair attachment that matches the hairbase.

A'isha : our pale lady in 4 hair color versions : blond, brunette, red, dark. Each one delivered with 12 piercing tattoo layers and a free hair attachment that matches the hairbase

[Teleport to .:!:...INAYA....:!:. SKINS]

Photo & Edit: Mi§§ Naalyeh Raleigh

venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

INAYA New Skins

INAYA Skins proudly announces the birh of Tasheka, Kiamor and Naomye.

Left: Tasheka is a dark skinned exotica in her late twenties.

Center: Naomye is a blond hairbased (or without) slightly freckled woman in her early 30ties.
She comes in pale and tan versions.

Right: Kiamor is a pale, slightly tanned lady, with and without blond hairbase.

[Telepor to INAYA Skins]

Model: LelenyLoka Demonia
Photo & Edit: Lita Menges by RAGDOLL

domenica 12 dicembre 2010

INAYA the NeW Fa§hion Item§

INAYA female & male skins announces the release of their first fashion items.
We proudly present our female dresses, outfits and tops. All model items were made for the tasteful and somehow classy ladies amongst you, yet with that litlle touch of distinguished sexy.

[Teleport to INAYA Skins Store]

Photo & Edit: Sandro Fratica

martedì 7 dicembre 2010

N1Co Relea§e

P1C 1 :
N1Co - Winter Fairy
Sexy winter fairy, fantasy outfit with wonderfull flexi flying snowflakes , sculpted bra and pelvis attachment.

P1C 2:
N1Co - Vampire Hunter Black - Leather Coat/Jacket **PROMO PRICE**
Sexy black leather jacket with sculpted collar and shoulder, sculpted sleeves and sculpted lower part ( belt with bucklet), small sculpted skull on the collar backside and many other details.
High quality textures and very detailed design.
Only 100L$

[Telepor to N1Co Mainstore]
[Teleport to SLX]

Photo: Annough Lykin
Model: Noreia

domenica 28 novembre 2010

The Italian Fashion Designer

This Model is ROMA and there are in six choices, red, black and white in both leather and patent leather, there are also leather and patent fatpacks.
Great is the killer heels WooooW

Photo: Simone Bonham
Thank you for the support Simone Bonham & Larisa Tylman

giovedì 25 novembre 2010


The new release by Eclipse Jewerly
Include : Collar Bracelets - 2 Tipe Model earrings "One §ingle Rose" "One Ro§e+ Piercing"
[Teleport to Eclipse Jewerly]
[Teleport to Xtreet Eclipse Jewerly]

Photo & Edit: Lita Menges by ♛]RagDoll[GraphicArt ♛
Model : LelenyLoka Demonia

lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Bag§ by PoiSon

P1C 1:
>>>Poison<<< Bal bag green male
>>>Poison<<< +Bal+70 y pico bag

P1C 2:
>>>Poison<<< +Bal+CandelA bag

[Teleport to >>>Poison<<< ]
Thank you Mi§ter Corocota

Model: LelenyLoka Demonia & Daniele Eberhardt
Photo: Daniele Eberhardt by **]RagDoll[GraphicArt**

venerdì 19 novembre 2010

RiCieLLi New Relea§e

P1C 1:
RICIELLI: ALDA dress / gold - IZA shorts /crema (NEW)
[Teleport to RICIELLI MainStore]
Jewelry: MANDALA - Sinra necklace and earring /chocolate brown
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (python gold)
Hair: Maitreya Uma

P1C 2:
RICIELLI: MIRANDA blazer / russet - ASH jeans / darkgreen
[Teleport to RICIELLI MainStore]
Jewelry: MAMDALA - Buddha earrig/red
Hair: Maitreya - Carmen
Shoes: PM Pixel Mode - Baby T's Plain /blood
Pose: Del May

Model: Lita Menges
Photo and Edit: Lita Menges by ♛]RagDoll[GraphicArt ♛

giovedì 18 novembre 2010

**A&A Fashion** New ReleaSe

Welcome Mi§§ AGNIESZKA and thank you for the support :-)

Accessories: A&A Fashion - Nipples Attachment Gold
Corset: Part of A&A Fashion - Tal Dress Brown
Pants: A&A Fashion - Leggins Brown
[Telepor to A&A Fashion Main Store]

Photo&Edit: Mr Sandro Fratica
Model : LelenyLOka Demonia

mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

**Ine§ Creation§**

Great Release by ***INES CREATIONS***

P1C 1: -IC- Dress pull Brown ( available in black, red cyan, pink skull, green)
P1C 2: -IC- Jumper Style sexy Lace Black
Thank you for support Mi§§ ines Schridde
[Teleport to **INES CREATION§**]

Model: LelenyLoka Demonia
Photo and Edit: Lita Menges by ♛]RagDoll[GraphicArt ♛

martedì 2 novembre 2010

IveenK@ & KO§ :!:...INAYA....:!:. §kin

P1C 1:
The WooooW §kin By :!:...INAYA....:!:.
[inaya] Skin -Iveenka- TAN
Iveenka comes in
3 skin tones : pale, tan, dark
3 lip versions for skin tone : natural, glossy and red
with and without dark hairbase

Model:LelenyLoka Demonia
Photo: Lita Menges by RAGDOLL

P1C 2:
The WooooW Male §kin By :!:...INAYA....:!:.
[inaya] Skin - Kos -TAN
Ko§ comes in
3 skin tones: pale, light tan, tan

Photo: Daniele Eberhardt by RAG DOLL

[Teleport to :!:...INAYA....:!:. ]


We are extremely pleased to anounce a new coming soon AO for woman. After being Dangerous, Model and Sensual now we crosed the dark line to the hottest side with this "Chica Boom AO".

The Dress Chica Boom is from GOTHICATZ
[GOTHICATZ Mainstore]

See the video and imagine yourself more HOT & Spicy than ever!

Ine§ Creation§

This is new release by Ine§ Creation§
Jumpsuit Grey silver (left)
Jumpsuit Black Gold (right)

[Teleport to Ine§Creation§]

● Xstreet link :


The [69] Relea§e : CASS01 CASS02
For paid group members - Group gift fat packs for these 4 new hairs are available only for 2 weeks - from Nov 1st to Nov 14th.
Please activate " Sixty Nine " group tag and find the black bag next to new hair color chart.

[Teleport to [69]Mainstore]


The new Release by !l@mb
On Left: "Cinnamon" (NEW)
Top by Nylon Outfitters
Tights by Fashionably Dead (not released yet)

On Right: "Honey" (NEW)
Top and belt are both by Mon Tissu (new brand coming December 2010)
Sunglasses by Nylon Outfitters
Shorts by Tres Blah

[Teleport to !l@mb]

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

OriGinaL Jeans BroKen by Poi§on

Pants: Poison - Original jeans_black_worn_broken (NEW)
Available in two colors black and blue (Worn & Normal)
[Teleport to Poi§on]
§tile CaRd
Hair: Chelsea - blacks
ToP: -SU- Summer Color Top Black
Garter: Bijou - Sniper Garter ( part of the dress Sniper)
Gloves: MadeForYou-SatyraDesign (old Lm)
Cocker: Bullet Accesory - >>ROOTS<<
Pose: -VP- Discoballs

Model: LelenyLoka
Photo: Lita Menges by RAG DOLL

martedì 26 ottobre 2010


In the principal store are some printed vests, one is black with a skull print for 65L and the other is a special FREEBIE that you get when you buy the Take it Easy Dia de los Muertas tote. You CAN buy the vest seperately for 50L.
*BOOM* Clothing & Co. @ Hide and Seek

venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

King'§ Jeans_______ Mi§ter Poi§on

Eheh My favorite Jean§ in §L He is naturally Poi§on
Pants: Original jeans_black_worn
Available in two colors black and blue (Worn & Normal)

[Teleport to POISON]

Model: LeleNyLOk@
Photo: JOy Snowfield

giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

NeW________@ N1CO

N1CO Sexy Brat Dress
avaible in 3 colours ,with funky print on it and flexy prim skirt attachment on pelvis
[Teleport to N1Co Mainstore]

Skin: ηovita* S kins. A urora
Hair: [LeLutka]-ISHA hair
Shape: Bl@ck M@mb@ Shape only Custom By LeleNyLok@

Model: LelenyLok@
Photo: JOy Snowfield

venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

L@die§ @nd Gentlemen ::: unBra ::: §kin§

P1Ck 1: :unBra: Skin -Miranova- dark/M3 (New Relea§e)
P1Ck 2: :unBra: Skin -Yakira- redux A/M10
P1Ck 3: :unBra: Skin -Mayara- redux B/M1

I'm happy today to present you the new Brand for Black Mamba Fashion
::: unBra ::: SKINS....Good girls go to Heaven - Bad girls go to unBra !
Thank you for the support Mi§§ Andy Bravin

[Teleport to ::: unBra ::: SKINS]

Model:LelenyLoka Demonia
Photo: Lita Menges (the best) by RAGDOLL

New Collection By^^ RICIELLI^^

The New Collection By Ricielli is OUT
Remember to wear the Group tag before click the Gift Panel (P1Ck )
[Teleport to RICIELLI]

lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

FJ Design Relea§e

P1C 1: Wild Snake - FJ Design
P1C 2: Platinum Pump Red - FJ Design

The new menu, low lag scripts, 19 preset skin textures, 9 tones for each skin (171 combinations)
resize + revert size, attached on feet (you can wear your primmed pants/jeans over them)
both in normal version with invisible prim or SLv2 version with alpha layer feet hider (separate vendors), realistic textures.
Really thank you Jareth for your support and the availability. Luv ya!!!

FJ Design Boots & Shoes Mainstore <--------click to Teleport

Photo: Daniele Eberhardt by RAG DOLL

sabato 9 ottobre 2010

[SC] Surf Couture

Corriedale Coat
This coat is 50L for TODAY ONLY so don't miss it!
New at Surf Co. for 50L Friday! A comfy and classic styled coat for the ladies! Sculpted skirt, belt, collar, and sleeves with a warm wool texture.
Surf Co. Mianstore

[PXL] Candy Halloween Gift

Female VIPS a special edition Skin of Candy.
Remember to wear the Female VIP group tag before click the Gift Panel
[ Teleport to PXL ]

{Luxuria} Caer

Caer is a semi sheer bra and panty set with a sweet little sculpt bow.
About this Outfit:
includes all clothing layer options and sculpt bow front
Hair: Exile Hedy/marble mix by Kavar Cleanslate
Eyes: [PXL] Eyes - Glow - YellowGreen - Small by Hart Larsson
Skin: Dutch Touch - Amber - Ebony (Smokey) by Iki Ikarus

domenica 3 ottobre 2010