domenica 29 agosto 2010

§imply Woman

The new Relea§e by
>>>Poison<<< White Tartan Jeans (two version normal and lower)

sabato 28 agosto 2010


Today I present the New Brand (Hot Mood)
(Hot Mood) - Naughty Top(cheer) - available in others colors
On Right:
(Hot Mood) - Black Dress - available in other colors
Runnnnn! Visit the §tore---------> (Hot Mood)TAXI
Thank you for the support Mi§ter David
Model: LelenyLoka
Photo: Lita Menges by RAG DOLL

mercoledì 25 agosto 2010


On Left:
**MDL** - Benyador Rojo Elegance
Accessories: MANDALA
Hair: !Lamb

On Right:
**MDL**- Vestito Japi Brown
Accessories: MANDALA
Hair: !Lamb
Visit the **MDL FASHION WOMAN**-------------> CLICK FOR THE TAXI

Thank you for the support Mi§§ §uvi Breil e l'hermosa Mi§§ Estrellita Gagliano
A Kiss Lele and Lita

Model: Lita Menges
Photo: Lita Menges By RAG DOLL

Relea§e By N1CO

WoW Great Relea§e By N1CO
N1CO - Black Sheer ( includes two models of pants, one with the zip)
N1CO Taxi

Model: LelenyLoka
Photo: Lita Menges by RAG DOLL
Thank you Mi§§ Noreia :-) A kiss Lele

lunedì 23 agosto 2010


On Left:
>>ROOTS<<00010024 - Outlaw Outift. x4 Options to wear: Open/Closed Ton and Bottom
On Right:
>>ROOTS<<00010023 - Outlaw Outift. x2 Options to wear: Open/Closed Top
Bracelets: >>ROOTS<< 00A10035 - Addon Bracelets
Accesory: >>ROOTS<< 00A10036 - Chocker & Mouth Bullet Accesory

sabato 21 agosto 2010

**BOOM** New Relea§e

P1c 1 :
**BOOM**A Bangled Me§§ (Rainbow). Comes in 31 different shades
P1C 2:
**BOOM**Carbon AD. Carbon comes in 17 differnt colours set. Each colours set includes two versions, black & silver.
P1C 3:
**BOOM**Ion Earrings- Rainbow. (rainbow is a subscriber freebie limited time only). Comes in 24 different shades.

^^The Dressing Room BLUE ^^

domenica 15 agosto 2010

**FASHION MDL Relea§e**

This is FASHION MDL Woman , I had already posted the store. Go to visit because it has created new models like this that I wear in the photo.

**MDL**- Rombos Gris ( include two tone black and gray with the shirt, pant and jacket)

Photo: Lita Menges Model: Leleny


Hair: Maitreya - Nimue
Jacket: [Lel.Ultra] - POSTAL_Jacket Black
Pants: [Lel.Ultra] - MITHRA pants&knee pads
Shoes: [Lelutka] - Saffron Pumps (two tones black/sand)
Photo: LIta Menges By Rag Doll
Model : Lita Menges

Mi§§ Hucci

Clubwear and Beachwear all in one great sexy outifit! Included are several clothing layers offering a skirt option, swinsuit/bodysuit option and 2 different top styles normal and oops revealing style. Available in 6 colors.
Dress: ::HUCCI:: Lela- Coco
Hair: /artilleri/ Sabina hair *jet Black*
Necklace and Earings: *YS&YS* BlackPeral Necklace anc BlackPearl Earings Lisa Twist
Photo for BlackMamba: Mi§§ LIta Menges By RAG DOLL
Model: Leleny

New bag by Poison

New bag by Poison in urban style
Really high quality sculpted and textures!!!

Bag: +Bal+segtre bag.Black

Visit Poison's store

mercoledì 11 agosto 2010

::HH:: Release

1Pic: ::HH:: -"Nude Ad".Nearly naked but totally sexy. Available in 4 colors fot L$ 275 each.
2Pic: ::HH:: -" Ivana". The Ivana dress has a sexy low cut rappred neckline with a brown snake. Available in 8 colors at the new Hucci Main store. L$275 each.

giovedì 5 agosto 2010


Left: >>ROOTS<<>>ROOTS<<>>Roots<<. The dress is available in many colors. The texture are great!! as only Roots can create. Mi§§ Naida thank you for your support and stay my Queen. Lele :-)) Model: Leleny Photo: The best and my great friend Miss Lita Menges ( ti voglio bene !!) By RAG DOLL Visit the store runnnnnnnnnn

mercoledì 4 agosto 2010


Left: Hucci- Fishnet Bra & Panty Set - Wild Pink
Right: Hucci- Zebra Print - Wild Pink
Thanks for you support Mi§§ Ebony Khan

Model: Leleny
Photo:Lita Menges By RAG DOLL

lunedì 2 agosto 2010

Eclip§e Relea§e

Eclipse Jewelry Collection on XstretSL CollarDeepest Ball Targhet
Resize Menu low lag
Outifit include: Fringe belt, Normal belt, Collar- earrings-bracelets-arms
click to the link
model: LelenyLoka
Photo: Lita Menges by Rag Doll