giovedì 24 marzo 2011

^^InneR Vibe§ Art & CluB^^

**DDstyle** presents:

Inner Vibes - Art & Club -

On march 25th 2011 the Inner Vibes club and cultural center opens the doors for all DJs, artists and guests.
This spot gathers all kind of artists, images, shapes and music.
The event starts at 01:00PM SLT, with a show of sculptures, artworks and a set of some of the best DJs on SL.
Opening artists and DJs
Sculptor: Nessuno Myoo
DGT Artist: Minollo Menges
DGT Artist: Nevery Lorakeet
DJ: Silicon Rose
DJ: Valchiria Evil
DJ: Greeny Catteneo

We'll wait for you all.
The Inner Vibes Staff

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