sabato 19 giugno 2010

ηovita* S kins. on Horst release

In the pick the skin: A urora. Tone 1 Make up 06, A urora. Tone 2 Make up 05, A urora. Tone 3 Make up 05

I would like to thank the creator Miss Holy Meili for give me a possibility to post on our blog this splendid skins ":N:* A urora".
You will find 3 different skin tone from the pale one to the dark one with fantastic makeup from natural one to the smoky one, included the freckles version.
Thank you so much Holy.

Model: LelenyLoka
Photographer: Lita Menges by ]RagDoll[ GraphicArt

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ηovita* S kins. on Horst

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